Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Lost is Back!

I have been loving Lost the past couple of weeks!! I thought the premiere was outstanding and the follow up second episode last week was also fantastic. It is so nice to have an excellent show back on the air. I feel like I have been living in a good TV vacuum since last spring!!

I am especially intrigued with the introduction of the "rescuers" that have landed on the island with an intact heliocopter. Why do they want Ben and what exactly did their flashbacks mean (Ben and I discount that they are "flashforwards" as we have read on some boards)? Is there time travel involved with the island? That would make a lot of things make sense and would be intriguing. Who rigged the fake flight 815 in the ocean with dead bodies? I think Penelope's dad is in on it somehow. I wonder if the rescuers have something to do with the original Dharma intiative and are back to get Ben in revenge for the "purge."

My burning question is - who are the other three that make it off the island alive. I'm sure we'll be finding out with the flash forwards. I loved Hurley's flash forward. It answered questions, yet lead to so many more. Excellent.

What are your thoughts on Lost - love it, hate it? I still think this is the best show on network TV (although I reserve best show on cable TV or actually all of TV to Battlestar).

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