Thursday, January 8, 2009

Stargate - Continuum

Ben and I watched Stargate-Continuum last weekend. Continuum is the second direct-to-DVD movie after the series finale of Stargate SG1 following The Ark of Truth.

Continuum starts with SG1 and General Jack O'Neil attending an extraction ceremony for Ba'al. Ba'al warns that the may not be the last of the Ba'al system lords (Ba'al cloned himself during the series) and people start disappearing starting with Vala and Tealc. Jack is killed by Ba'al, but Mitchell, Daniel Jackson, and Samantha Carter manage to escape. It turns out that Ba'al time traveled to the 1930's and prevented the Stargate from ever reaching America by destroying the freighter that was carrying the Stargate. The freighter captain happened to be Mitchell's grandpa. Mitchell, Jackson, and Carter find themselves in a world that is vastly different. Eventually Ba'al returns with a gigantic fleet to take over. Will SG-1 be able to save the day?

I enjoyed this movie better than The Ark of Truth. Mostly because I find the Ori storyline used in The Ark of Truth to be more than a bit tired and boring, and I find Ba'al to be more intriguing. I also am a big fan of time travel stories, although you don't want to think too hard about this one with Mitchell still being around although his grandfather was killed in the alternate 1930's. I sincerely hope that they continue to make more Stargate movies.

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