Thursday, January 15, 2009

Lost in Austen

I had read a lot of bad reviews of "Lost in Austen" on one of my favorite blogs, Austenblog. But since I am obsessed with all things Austen, I DVR'd the four episodes of Lost in Austen when I saw they were being played on the Ovation channel this week. This is the first time I even realized such a channel existed.

I must say I was pleasantly surprised by the program. Being trapped in the house due to bitter cold temperatures and sick boys, I watched the four episodes over the past few days. Kile didn't even complain, but seemed to find it a welcome time to play with tractors and looked up once in awhile when he saw a horse.

The basic premise is that Amanda Price enters her bathroom one day to discover Elizabeth Bennett. Elizabeth stays in the modern world while Amanda enters the portal to the Bennett's home. Once there, Amanda proceeds to mess everything up. Horrors occur such as Jane marrying Mr. Collins. Amanda tries to set things right and lives what most women who have a love for Pride and Prejudice dream of. I had a laugh out loud moment when Amanda has Mr. Darcy come out of a pool of water in his white shirt.

I enjoyed this light hearted romp through Pride and Prejudice. I wouldn't mind if they did a Lost in Austen Emma or Persuasion edition.

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