Sunday, January 18, 2009

Battlestar Galactica is back!

Battlestar Galactica was back from it's long hiatus with the first of the final ten episodes. Ben and I were so excited by it's return that we actually watched it the night it aired (doesn't happen that much for us with the two boys and a DVR). The episode overall gave me more questions than answers - but isn't that one of the great points of the series?


The episode was fantastic as usual. Overall it was a rather gloomy episode. They had been searching for earth for so long, but discovered it had been nuked 2000 years before and was still uninhabital. There were so many plot twists - I hope I remember to talk about them all.

First of all, Ellen as the fifth cylon!! I did not see that one coming. I must admit to being let down by this revelation. Tigh, Tyrol, and Anders were all shocking choices to me and primed to people in positions of power. I expected no less from the fifth. Ellen is dead and not a power player. So I guess, good job at surprising me to the writers. I wonder where this one will take us.

Many revelations on earth. It was once inhabited by humanoid cylons and the final five once lived there. How did they get to the colonies and in the fleet 2000 years later? I want to know. This has all happened before and will happen again. . . I am intrigued!

Starbuck found HER OWN DEAD CARCASS on earth and had a darth vador funeral pyre for herself. Very, very, very strange. Why are there two Starbucks? This with the revelation of the cylons on earth 2000 years ago makes me think that perhaps everyone is a cylon. What are your thoughts? How did a second Starbuck end up in a ship like her own back at the fleet? Who did this? I want to know!

DEE! I did not see her suicide coming. It was quite shocking. What is the significance of the jacks and locket on earth and amongst her personal possessions? Was is just sadness about the futility of it all, or did she realize she herself had lived on earth once before?

Overall, I thought it was a fantastic episode and can't wait to watch the final 9. Although I can't stand the thought that it will be over for good!

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