Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Penelope is a modern reverse beauty and the beast fairy tale staring Christina Ricci and James McAvoy.

Penelope is born with a pig snot and fulfills a family curse. In order to get rid of the pig nose, Penelope must find the love of one of her own kind. Her controlling mother (Catharine O'Hara) tries to find all sorts of blueblood men to marry her. Penelope wants more to life than to be locked up in the family manor and meeting men who are horrified by her looks. She breaks free one day and learns to live life on her own terms.

If you liked Enchanted, you will enjoy this movie. I thought it was enjoyable, but not great. My major beef with the movie was the Penelope was supposed to look so horrifying that men would jump out of the window to get away from her . . . yet the pig nose on Christina Ricci looked merely cute, not scary. If it is supposed to be a reverse beauty and the beast - make her look like a beast! It seemed a big sexist to me. The male beast in Beauty and Beast is never merely cute.

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