Thursday, April 19, 2007

Bleak House Alert!!

Bleak House is coming back to Masterpiece Theatre on PBS this weekend! I watched the mini-series last year after I had Kile. It was fantastic. It was a riveting story and beautifully shot. It's part mystery, part love story, part commentary on the legal system (very relevant today in the world of Anna Nicole Smith's inheritance trials that last for more than a decade). Gillian Anderson (X-Files and House of Mirth) is fantastic as Lady Dedlock, but all other actors/actresses were fantastic in their parts as well.

I love Dickens. I especially love his characters. He always writes such fascinating portraits of people.

If you are looking for a great show - check out Bleak House this weekend!

Below is a snippit from the Bleak House Website.

Bleak House TV PG (
Airing in four parts:Sundays, April 22 through May 13, 2007 on PBS(Check local listings; dates and times may vary)
Aired previously, in six parts, January/February 2006

"Perhaps the most glorious Masterpiece Theatre of all time..." -- The Wall Street Journal"

"Grandly entertaining . . . the only bleak aspect to this miniseries is that it doesn't last forever." -- TV Guide

Acclaimed writer Andrew Davies turns his talents to one of Charles Dickens' most brilliant novels, arguably the greatest ever depiction of Victorian London -- from its splendid heights to its most wretched depths.

Honored with a Peabody award and ten Emmy nominations, Bleak House features some of the most famous plot twists in literary history, including a case of human spontaneous combustion and an infamous inheritance dispute that is tied up for generations in the dysfunctional English courts.

An epic feast of characters and storylines, Bleak House is Dickens' passionate indictment of the convoluted legal system that is as searingly relevant today as it was in the mid-19th century. The court of Chancery becomes the center of a tangle of relationships at all levels of society and a metaphor for the decay and corruption at the heart of Victorian England.

Starring Gillian Anderson, Charles Dance, Alun Armstrong, Ian Richardson, Nathaniel Parker, Richard Griffiths, Phil Davis, Joanna David and Carey Mulligan.

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