Monday, April 2, 2007

The Illusionist

The Illusionist was a pretty good movie - I'd give it three starts out of four. Although it is another movie about a magacian around 1900, it is not anything like The Prestige.

This movie stars Edward Norton as the famous illusinist Eisenhiem who is in love with the Duchess Sophie (Jessica Biel). Sophie was Eisenhiem's childhood love although they are from very different social classes. After an abscense of ten or so years, Eisenheim returns to Vienna to perform his illusions. He mets back up with Sophie at one of his shows who is now the fiancee of the Crown Prince Leopole (Rufus Sewell). Vienna's chief inspector (Paul Giamatti) is a fan of Eisenheim, but finds himself constantly investigating him under orders from the jealous Prince. There is a love story, a crime, and some suspense.

But probably not enough suspense for me. I had figured out the movie probably half way through so the ending wasn't so shocking to me. I might have enjoyed it more if I would have been shocked. Was it a surprise for others? Am I just becoming and old and jaded movie goer?

I liked the scenary in Vienna. It looked beautiful. I wish they made more movies in other European countries besides England. I liked the love story too.

If I had to pick this movie or the Prestige though, I would probably pick The Prestige as being the better magacian film!

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