Monday, April 16, 2007

A Walk to Remember

I'm feeling stressed out so I thought I'd catch up with some reviews before I return my items to the library. I watched A Walk to Remember for the first time on Friday. I know it's been out for five years or so, but even though it's been on my 'to watch' list, I've somehow missed it until now.

It's a good weepy chick flick that I feel the need to watch sometimes. It's based on the Nicholas Sparks noval of the same name that I also have not read yet so I can't comment on a faithful book to screen adaptation.

This movie tells the story of Jamie, a preacher's daughter, and Landon, a high school trouble maker. While Jamie gets picked on, Landon is part of the "cool group." At the beginning of the movie, Landon gets in trouble for a stupid prank that his friends played that paralyzed a fellow student. As a result of this, he has to do volunteer work around school and join the drama club. Through these activities, he meets Jamie and gets to know her. He discovers that Jamie is who she is, has a great deal of faith, and isn't going to pretend to be someone she's not. She's a confident and nice woman. The story then twists, but I'll ruin it for those that haven't seen it so I can't say more.

It was a good movie. I especially liked that Jamie had faith in God and they didn't down play that or get rid of it. Most movies today seem to want to ignore faith. It was a good, clean movie that would be good to watch with your family . . . except have a few tissues ready for the end!

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