Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Knit 2 by Kate Jacobs

Knit 2 is the follow-up to Jacob's best seller, The Friday Night Knitting Club.

Knit 2 follows the members of the club five years after The events of The Friday Night Knitting Club. Several members have life changes, and several travel to Italy. Anita searches for her long lost sister. Dakota finds love and as a young college student, tries to determine what to do with her life.

This novel was okay, but The Friday Night Knitting Club was far superior. This novel was several random stories about the club members that were not tied together with a main character or problem as the first novel was. The novel spent far too much time talking about a dead character from the first book. Several storylines seemed to peter out before the end without resolution. I did enjoy reading this book, but it was a slow moving, and slow reading book.

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