Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Lost Finale

It's hard to believe it has been a week already since the excellent Lost Season 5 finale. Ben and I have spent much of this past week discussing how it ended, the season as a whole, and theories on what will happen in the next final (sniff) season.

I think that Season 5 was a great season. After things got off track in Season 3, the past two seasons have really picked it back up again and have made me realize why I love Lost. I am a big fan of time travel so I really liked this season. While others are turned off by the "weirdness" of the show, I embrace it and want more.

Ben and I recorded the finale on the DVR and started it an hour late after the kids went to bed. Dispite our best intentions (we'll only watch it until the next commerical), we watched the entire thing only to be devestated when a storm made our Dish go out leaving us without the last two minutes. NOOOO!!! Luckily I found the end on youtube the next day and we were able to see what happened.

What an ending!!! JULIET!!! I must admit, I was not a Juliet fan in previous seasons. I thought she was rather cold. But this season watching her and Sawyer's wonderful romance, I forgot all about how I ever wanted Kate and Sawyer to end up together. Juliet completed Sawyer and allowed him to become the man he was always meant to be. I loved their relationship and was devestated when Juliet fell down the hole. The only positive was that Juliet finally understood Sawyer's love for her . . . too late!!!

What do you think will happen after the bomb explosion? Ben and I have been comtemplating this a lot. I just read Doc Jenson's excellent theories on I love his theory that the bomb explosion did reset the timeline and that the castaways that he touched will retain memories of the past three years. Juliet was not touched and therefore will not remember Sawyer, but he will remember her. Tragic! This is much better than any theory that Ben and I came up with. The only hole is - what happened to Miles? I would hate for him to forget that he finally met his Dad and had a bit of bonding before "The Incident."

I was excited that we were finally able to meet Jacob on this episode and his advisary, who shall remain nameless. Their epic battle seemed biblical. While Jacob seems like the good guy, I am still wary. And why did his advisary go to such lengths to find a loophole to kill Jacob. I am intrigued. I can't wait to learn more about Jacob and his advisary next season. I also hope that we will see the landing of the Black Rock and learn if Richard Alpert was on that ship. Speaking of Richard it was amazing to learn what a tool he and Ben have been in Jacob and his advisaries plans. Very interesting.

The only weakness I saw with the finale was characters motivations. It seemed as though the writers wanted characters to be in certain places at certain times, but wasn't always sure how to get them there. Juliet's excuse for changing her mind to help Jack reset the timeline . . . that Sawyer LOOKED at Kate. Come on. After living with Sawyer for three years, one would think that Juliet would be a little more self assured than that and would fight for her man. Also Jack's motivation to have a second chance with Kate and therefore he is going to nuke the island was also very weak. I agreed with Sawyer that Kate is on the other side of the d(*^ bushes - just go and talk to her!

Doc Jenson has asked fans for the top three mysteries they would like solved next season. This is a hard question as there are A LOT of myteries that I want solved. Here are my three:

1. Smokey

2. Jacob and his advisory

3. Those darn numbers

What are your top three and what are your thoughts on the finale? I could go on, but I have work to do. I will respond to posts though!

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