Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Leigh by Lyn Cote

I listened to this novel on audiobook again (Anna Fields does a great job with the reading of the Women of Ivy Manor series), but a tragedy occurred. I was at the very end of the book and the CD was banged up and stopped working. How does it end!? I ran to the library to look for the real book, but it was checked out. Luckily I finally received one through inter-library loan and found out how it ended!! Moral of the story, although I have recently loved listening to audiobooks, they have their downfall.

I have really enjoyed the Women of Ivy Manor series thus far. Each individual novel is fantastic, but I really enjoy how the entire story arc is actually played out over the course of all of the novels. Case in point - Kitty from the first novel, Chloe. I have been wondering what happened to her and felt her story line was not solved in that novel. I was very excited to see her return in this third novel and have her mystery solved. That made my day!

Leigh is the story of Bette's daughter (and Chloe's granddaughter), Linda Leigh Sinclair. Leigh is born right after WWII and comes of age during the turbulant 1960's. From witnessing Dr. King's historic march on Washington, to the turbelant Democratic Convention in Chicago in 1968, to a look at hippy San Francisco, this novel gives a great look into the 1960's and 70's. I loved Leigh's forbidden love story with Frank Dawes and then her second chance at love with a FBI agent. I like how this book also took a bold look at a scandelous event in Leigh's personal life (I don't want to say what it is and ruin the book for someone). And of course - also loved the return of Kitty and the resolution of her storyline.

The only complaint I had about the novel was Bette. I loved the novel devoted to her and it is my favorite in the series thus far. I did not like how she became an overbearing, controlling mother who seemed to have nothing in common with her daughter. It made me sad. I know it is realistic that she may have had parenting issues, but I was hoping for some sense or spark of the old Bette and never found it.

I love this series and am currently listening to the last of four books, Carly. I'll be sad to see the series end!

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  1. Hi Laura,
    So glad you're enjoying each in the series. And don't worry the story of Bette and Leigh has new territory to cover in the final book. Just as Kitty went off the rails and then got back on, so Bette will find her way home.
    Let me know what you think at the end of Carly.