Monday, November 30, 2009

The Perfect Christmas by Debbie Macomber

What is a “perfect Christmas?” Cassie Beaumont thinks that her perfect Christmas would be to meet her very own “Mr. Right,” get married, have adorable children and a future of perfect Christmases together. Cassie has tried everything to meet her perfect match, but it all has failed. She finally decides to take drastic measures and use a professional matchmaker to find him.

Simon Dodson is a very opinionated and very expensive matchmaker. Simon and Cassie clash as they get to know one another. Simon makes Cassie fulfill three tasks in order to prove that she is the correct chose for the perfect match he has selected for her. Hilarity ensues and there is a heartwarming ending.

While this book was a cheerful holiday story, it held no mystery. It was very obvious from the beginning of the book what was going to happen. It is a quick, happy story, but overall it was not fulfilling.

The Perfect Christmas is the first book for the Christmas Reading Challenge list and is also a book club selection for my FLICKS Book and Movie Club.

Book Source: The Kewaunee Public Library


  1. I usually like Debbie Macomber for a quick, easy read. All of her books follow the same basic story line, so I try not to read them back-to-back unless it's a series. It's interesting that there is a male matchmaker in this one. That seems like a twist. Hope your next Christmas selection is better.

  2. I have a few of her books, but have not read them. I wondered if they might be like this. I'm curious to see the movie on Hallmark Channel based on her book, Mrs. Miracle (airs Saturday at 8pm ET)...wondering if it will be good?!

    Another great review for the Christmas Reading Challenge! You're moving right along!

  3. Sometimes these are the only kinds of books I can read the closer it gets to Christmas.