Monday, November 9, 2009

The Velveteen Rabbit (2009)

We watched The Velveteen Rabbit on Friday night as a family. My 3-year old son loved it, and I really enjoyed it as well. My husband was chasing our 18-month old so he reserves judgment until he can watch the entire movie.

The Velveteen Rabbit is the story of a young boy named Toby around the year 1900. His father takes him to spend Christmas with his grumpy old Grandmother as he has to work over the holidays. Toby’s mother died some years previous to the start of the movie. While at his Grandmother’s, Toby discovers an attic with a special Velveteen Rabbit in it in a box addressed to him by his late mother. Toby learns to have fun through imaginative play with the Rabbit as well as a couple other old toys in the attic. His imagination is a cartoon world. Toby learns how to try new things, and also opens up the world for his Grandmother and Father to love again.

Kile loved that the story started with the Toby on a steam engine train. He loves trains. He really liked the cartoon world with Horse, Swan, and Rabbit. The only thing he didn’t like was the Rabbit’s sacrifice for the boy (he hid during that part as he was a bit scared). When the poor stuffed rabbit went into the fire after Toby’s illness, Kile kept asking, “Why?” but was very pleased when he became a real rabbit.

The movie follows the basic storyline of the original story by Margery Williams, with several key differences. I was okay with the differences, but Kile was sad when we read the book afterwards and it wasn’t the same (he really wanted the horse and swan to be in it!).

Overall, The Velveteen Rabbit was a cute movie for your family to enjoy.

Movie Source: Borrowed from my Mom. She loves “Feature Films for Families” which produced this movie.


  1. I haven't seen this version, but we watched an old adaptation of this story in elementary school that left many of us in tears. I love the original book, too.

  2. The Velveteen Rabbit was one of my favorite books as a child. I remember watching a cartoon version that I loved. Maybe we'll see if we can get a copy of this one to watch over the holidays. :) Thanks for the review! I didn't even know this movie was out there.

  3. It has nice pictures. The story is interesting. Although I bought it along with a stuffed rabbit, I'm holding on to it until my kids are bigger. They are two and a half. I think the rating for 4 and over is appropriate. There are two many words for younger readers and perhaps the story itself is better suited to an older child. I would not want my kids to think I'm going to take away their toys if they get sick. I think you could explain it better to a child over 4. I am looking forward to giving this to my kids when they are older. By then, they will have more imagination and be happy for the rabbit who becomes real.