Friday, November 13, 2009

Sense and Sensibility (1995)

Sense and Sensibility is not only my favorite Austen movie, but it is one of my favorite movies of all time. It is a movie that I really enjoy watching. Whenever I’m sick, this movie is my “comfort” movie that I love to watch to help me feel better. That being said, I haven’t been able to watch this movie this year so I decided to should watch this movie for The Everything Austen Challenge. I thought this was especially relevant as I recently listened to the audiobook recording of Sense and Sensibility.

I love the actors in this movie. I think Kate Winslet as Marianne and Greg Wise as Willoughby are absolutely perfect and just as I would envision them from reading the book. I also love Emma Thompson’s performance, although she is a lot older than Elinor should be from the novel’s description.

I love the comedy that appears throughout the movie. Hugh Laurie as Mr. Palmer is perfect. I love his biting remarks, they give me a chuckle. I also love his character growth. When you see the nice caring man that he is when he helps out during Marianne’s illness, it brings the character an added depth. Mrs. Jennings the annoying matchmaker and gossip is also hilarious. Don’t we all know a Mrs. Jennings? Harriet Walter as Fanny Dashwood is also funny in her way to manipulate her husband. I love the opening scene when she is able to talk her husband down into giving his poor half-sisters nothing after the death of their father.

As this is a two-hour movie based off of an approximately 350 page novel, there are changes. The major change is that Colonel Brandon tells Elinor that Willoughby did indeed love Marianne, but this didn’t happen in the novel. In the novel Willoughby makes a visit when Marianne is sick and confesses all to Elinor. I’m not sure why this was changed. Also Marianne gets sick in the movie by standing in the rain looking at Mr. Willoughby’s country estate, which did not happen in the novel. I liked this change, it makes it more romantic. That is if catching your death of cold can be considered romantic. I like how the novel has more detail at the end on how everything works out, but there just wasn’t enough time for that in the movie.

My favorite scene in this movie is when Elinor breaks down at the end (also not in the book). She is able to keep control of her emotions for so long, it is nice to finally see her let go and be happy!

Overall, I love this movie. Great actors, music, wonderful cinematography and perfectly directed, it is a very entertaining movie. This was my thirteenth item in the Everything Austen Challenge.

Movie Source: I received this DVD for my birthday from my best friend Jenn replacing my old VHS tape.


  1. It is a good version. Plus I kind of have a thing for Alan Rickman.

  2. I'm going to watch this movie for the first time ever later on today...Coincidence? I think not.

  3. It does seem that catching your death of cold is quite romantic in film adaptations of Austen - the rain was also very aptly used in the '05 Pride and Prejudice. But the only time any thing so unfortunate actually happens to Austen's heroines is when Franny Price is forced into an unwanted intimacy with Mary Crawford and when poor Jane Bennet gets drenched on her way to Netherfield. There is nothing romantic about it unless Kate Winslet does it. Then it's a moving tribute to her torment, a symbol of her recklessness, and a practical explanation for her illness.

    Alan Rickman is awesome as Colonel Brandon.

  4. Well Laura seeing how this is one of your favorite movies of all time, I am thinking I must watch this one.

    Question for you: Should I read the book before viewing the movie? Also, do you think I should do audio or read? I am leaning towards knowing the story as told by Austen first before viewing but I am not certain if I will actually get to the read.

    Loved your review!!

  5. I think the movie could definitely stand alone and be enjoyable without reading the book. That said, I am the kind of person that really likes to read the book first . . . although sometimes I do end up reading it after I watch the movie. I think the first time I read the book in high school, this movie was just coming into theatres and I wanted to be ready for it!

    I've read Austen and now have listened to half of them on audio. I like it both ways, but her books are great on audio. I think that she wrote them to be read aloud amongst her family so the dialogue sounds fantastic when you are listening to the audiobook. Plus I really just like listening to people with British accents!

    Alexa - I love your comment. It is the perfect explanation of Kate Winslet's rain soaked Marianne!

  6. I watched this movie again for the challenge too. It's on my Top 100 list.

  7. :) I love this one too. I should break out my copy and give it a watch.

  8. This movie was my favorite version! Great casting, I could watch it over and over.