Monday, February 22, 2016

Star Wars: The Lost City of the Jedi (#2) by Paul Davids and Hollace Davids

The reputed son of the Emperor, Trioculous, receives a warning that at Jedi Prince will be a threat to his reign and must be destroyed.  Luke has traveled to Yavin 4 to put out a fire.  On Yavin 4, Luke meets a young boy named Ken who lives in a mysterious city below the surface and has been raised by droids.  Is this the Jedi Prince?

Kile really enjoyed this book.  In particular he liked and related to Ken.  The book has good pictures and it is a good reading level for a fourth grade boy.  Kile also enjoyed that it is an adventure story with humor.

Overall, The Lost City of the Jedi is another entertaining tale in this series for both a ten-year boy and his mother.
Book Source:  The Kewaunee Public Library

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