Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Loathe at First Sight by Suzanne Park

 Loathe at First sight was a great book that cheered me up and had several laugh out loud moments for me.  Even better, this lighthearted at times book, also delved into the sexism and racism that occur when a young woman of Korean descent tries to make her way in the world of video gaming.  This book was so much more than meets the eye.

 Melody Joo is has gotten a new job as a video game producer.  As one of the few women and only Korean at the company, she is looked down upon by her male colleagues.   She also ponders the sexist world of video games and for a lark tells her friend that they should make a game with male strippers fighting for survival in the post-apocalyptic world.  Her boss overhears and needing a new game for women, he decides to make her project the top priority.  Melody faces a lot of complications, but will she be able to make her game a success?

 As a female in the primarily male field of engineering, I felt Melody’s story.  The awkward sexist talk where you have to laugh along and being treated as a lesser than are unfortunate experiences.  I loved her perseverance, and how she called people out on sexist and racist comments.  I liked the honest look that for Melody to make it, she had to work harder than everyone.

 I really liked all of the characters and side stories in this novel.  Melody has romantic feelings for the intern, Nolan, who also happens to be the nephew of the main boss.  Although Nolan is actually older than her, she knows it is inappropriate due to their positions of power.  I liked how their relationship played out.  I also thought Melody’s parents were hilarious. Her mother has an obsession with Melody getting married and seems to always focus on the negatives. Nolan and Melody’s parents’ accidental lunch together was hilarious.  I laughed out loud. Melody’s friends were fantastic as well.

 Favorite Quote:

“Was I angry that they were like this?  Or was I angry at myself for wishing I was a part of it?”

 Overall, Loathe at First Sight was a delightful story with great characters, plot, humor, and a realistic look at being a woman in a male dominated field.

 Book Source:  Review Copy from William Morrow. Thank-you!!

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