Monday, March 19, 2007

Marie Antoinette

I've been on hiatus from my blog as I wrote a review for Marie Antoinette last week only to have it deleted when I tried to post it. I've been bitter ever since and needed some time to collect myself:-)

I watched Marie Antoinette in pieces last week while folding laundry. It was an okay movie, perhaps 2.5 stars out of 4. I need my own rating system!

The movie told of the story of Marie Antoinette from her engagement to Louis XVI and arrival in France, to her departure from Versaille with the revolutionaries. Overall I felt very sorry for Marie Antoinette. She had NO time for herself as the movie made clear. She had to be dressed by a whole room full of women, eat in front of the masses, give birth in front of everyone . . . etc.! Also her private bedroom life with her husband (or lack of one) was talk for everyone including her mother and brother. I can't imagine my Mom writing me a letter to tell me I need to get a move on in the bedroom department! :-)

Although she was very much in the public eye, she lead a very sheltered existence from the outside world. Even though she played at being a peasant with her chateau, she had no understanding of the trials and tribulations of the common man, which lead in a way to her demise.

I could understand director Sofia Coppola creating a movie to cast Marie Antoinette trying to live life like a rock star - in the public eye, sheltered exclusive existence, it all makes sense. But yet, the rock music with the 18th century costumes and person just seem jarring to me. And the people talking in modern slang also seemed jarring at times.

The movie was told in in short pieces that were often separated by many years with no narrative thread to link them. You also have no idea what Marie Antoinette is thinking. It would have been nice to have her thoughts - more along the lines of the scene were she bursts into tears in her bedroom after her sister-in-law gives birth. You could see the longing she had for her own child. Many other times, I wasn't sure of her motivation.

The costumes, scenary, and overall cinematography were beautiful. I can see why the costumes won the Oscar!

The movie made me understand Marie Antoinette more as a mother. I wish there would have been more to the movie on what happened after they left Versailles. I know they die, but Marie was supposedly very stronge and brave during captivity. I wanted to change history when I wrote it - flee to Austria I wanted to scream at Louis and Marie. Don't stay at Versailles!! :-)

Overall the movie was interesting and worth watching once. I don't know if I need to see it again.

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