Monday, March 12, 2007

BSG - Maelstrom

Ben and I are a week behind on BSG so we just watched Maelstrom yesterday. I must say, even though I had read the internet rumors about Starbuck's death, I didn't believe them. To see Starbuck's ship blow up was devistating! Especially after the build-up of her having a "special destiny" to see her just commit suicide seemed very anti-climatic.

I don't think she is dead. At first I thought, maybe she is a cylon. But then I thought, she had a mother and an entire past so that does not seem feasible. My seond thought was that she is a hydrid and that's why her Mom didn't like her. Her Mom was part of the cylon wars, perhaps she was captured and impregnated. But it seems like that would be way too long ago since they are excited about Hera being the first hybrid. My theory last night was that she has gone on to another plane of existance and will return just like Daniel Jackson in Stargate:-)

I read some online chatter and saw a theory that she ejected and was picked up by a Cylon Raider. Check out the link to a picture showing three ships. That seems like a cool theory to me.

Does anyone else have a good theory? I really hope she is not really dead - she's my favorite character on the show!

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