Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Robin Hood

There is a new Robin Hood series that is being aired on BBC America on Saturday nights. I LOVE Robin Hood in general - even the Kevin Costner one. I just watched the show yesterday (had recorded it on the DVR) and thought it was pretty entertaining.

Strangely, my favorite person on it is Guy of Gisborne - someone I don't usually like. In this version, he is played by Richard Armitage, who was the hero in the Elizabeth Gaskell North and South series. He's pretty sexy. I found myself rooting for him instead of Robin Hood.

That's not to say that Robin Hood isn't a likeable fellow. I enjoy watching him - especially his interactions with Marian who is quite the fiesty herione.

It's also funny that there veiled references to the Iraq war through their talk about the war in Palestine. Robin Hood is just returning from that Middle Eastern conflict.

If you are looking for something new to watch - check out Robin Hood. The first show was last Saturday so you might be able to catch a repeat before the second show airs this Saturday.

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