Friday, March 30, 2007

BSG - The Finale

Holy Frack! That was quite some finale with a lot of new things thrown at us. I think it was not quite as good of a finale as Season 1 or Season 2, but it was still good.

Spoilers ahead.

Starbuck is back!!! In the very last scene, Apollo goes to check out a bogey and it is Starbuck. She tells him that it is really her and she's been to earth and it back to lead them there. Then while "Along the Watchtower" plays in the background, the it all zooms through galaxy and space to show earth. It really makes me wonder where they are going to take it next year. It make me nervous though - what kind of earth are they going to find?

Another plot development that could be taken as good or bad is that four of the final five cylons have been shown and they are shocking! It was Chief Tyrol, Sam Anders, Colonel Tigh, and some lady that is the president's assistant. The red shirt president's assistant and Sam I could see and had guessed at a few episodes ago. I really didn't want Chief to be! And Colonel Tigh baffles me as he has a back history - Adama has known him for 40 years. How can he be a Cylon? I am really confused!! I keep reading in interviews that these cylons will be different then anything we've known before so I really want to see where this all leading. And there are so many good stories that can lead off of this. Colonel Tigh murdered his wife Ellen for colloborating with the Cylons and now he finds out he is one!!! Chief's wife Callie is a avid Cyclon hater and I guess that makes their son another hybrid. With Starbuck back, how are things going to work out with her and Cylon Sam? And who is the fifth Cylon? Is is the President? Is it Starbuck? Someone else?? What are your thoughts?

The trial of Gaius Balter also ended with a not guilty vote. I liked the trial, but did not like how Lee was up on the witness stand spouting off on his ideals. That should have been in the closing statements.

It was quite the packed finale. My greatest disappointment is that Battlestar is not coming back until January 2008. What were they thinking??? :-( I can't wait until it's back!

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