Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Laura's TV Picks for the Past 2006-07 Season

Now that the 2006-07 television season is starting to fade into the past, I thought it was time to review what shows I liked to watch over the year. I've already done this once, so here is hoping that this time I can get blogger to save it and actually post it! As I started to make a list of them, I realized I watch a lot of TV shows. Back in college I only seemed to watch Star Trek Voyager and Stargate SG-1 and that was only because Dad taped them for me and sent up the tapes (all of this talk of tapes makes me feel old in the land of DVRs and TiVOs). After college I still didn't watch too much TV, but then we got our DVR. The DVR is great for a person like me (and Ben) that doesn't want to be made to watch a show at exactly 8 PM or mess with annoying video cassettes. As you can see by my list below, I know enjoy MANY shows:-)

My favorite shows for 2006-07:

1. Battlestar Galactica. I've waxed on about my love for this show on this blog before. It has fantastic acting and the most intriguing storylines on TV. Sadly, the next season does not start until January 2008 and will be ITS LAST SEASON. WHY!? I can see how it will be a good time to end it plotwise, but there are not too many shows of this quality on TV, and I will be very sad to see it go! For more news about the end of Battlestar, see the following yahoo article and interview with Edward James Olmos.

2. Lost. I was starting to lose my love for Lost during the fall "mini-season." Luckily lost got back on track this spring and ended up a winner of a finale (I'm still crying for Charlie - you didn't have to die "brutha!"). I love the mysteries and the character development in lost. I can't wait to see what happens over the next three years!

3. Desperate Housewives. Season 2 started to lose me, but Desperate Housewives got back in the groove for Season 3. The only flaw was that the Orson mystery was solved before the end of the season so there was a "finale" seemingly 3/4 of the way through the season. With Marcia Cross going on maternity leave, I can see why they had to do it. I love the campy, soap opera storylines crossed with mystery. Season 2 lost Ben, but I'm still devoted!

4. Dr. Who. Ben and I love Dr. Who. I have never seen the older versions of the doctor, but I love the new version. I wasn't sure after they replaced the doctor from "season 1" of the new version, but I like the new doctor. I really liked Rose and am sad that she'll be gone (although I seem to see her all around Masterpiece Theatre these days). We'll see how her replacement is when the new season starts on sci-fi on July 6th.

5. Survivor. Yes, I love Survivor. I remember being dubious of the show when it first started in 2000, but my little sister Katie made me watch season 1 with her and I was hooked. All these years later I still find myself loving every moment of it. I thought this year's seasons were exceptionally good. I loved Yule from the fall season and Earl this season. I love how they are mixing things up more lately and making it more exciting and different. I was once ashamed of my one reality show addiction, but have discovered that many people share my love for Survivor. I'm glad I'm not alone!

6. The Office. I love the office. It's quirky characters are hilarious and Jim and Pam's romance is sweet - I just want them to get together! After working in an "office" I can identify with many of the people/problems on this show. Ben and I started watching this during it's second season after we noticed we always laughed at the first few minutes that recorded after "My Name is Earl" on the DVR. We've since caught up and have enjoyed every show. It's a fun show.

7. My Name is Earl. Ben and I both enjoy this show. It tells the story of Earl, a former crook that won the lotto and got hit by a car losing his winning ticket. While in the hospital, he watches Carson Daley and learns about Karma. He makes a list of all of the bad things he has done and goes on his way to correct his past wrongs. He is helped by his not so bright, but sweet brother Randy, his brash ex-wife Joy, and her husband "Crab-Man." This show makes me and Ben both laugh - especially Ben. It has a sort of old-fashioned sweetness to it and it's fun to see more "normal" (as in not rich!) people being portrayed on TV even though it's not always in the most flattering light.

8. 30 Rock. 30 Rock is one of the two shows that started last fall depicting the back stage happenings on a Saturday Night Life late night variety show. This show is a half an hour comedic take on the business. It focuses on Liz Lemon (Tina Fey) the head writer of the show and her dealings with the other writers, cast, and her boss played by Alec Baldwin. Baldwin is a gem on this show and a lot more funny then I ever would have thought. It's fun seeing all of the crazy that goes on around Lemon. I wasn't sure about this show at first, but it quickly found it's groove. If you only watched the first episode or two, I highly recommend revisiting the series!

9. Robin Hood. I LOVE the new Robin Hood series that was on BBC America this spring. Although the series is more old fashioned in it's set-up (bad guys always caught by the end, ends with a touching moment, then a joke), I enjoy watching a show that harkens back to a simpler time. I like how Lady Marian kicks butt in this new take on the Robin Hood Legend. I also love Sir Guy. Although he is the "bad guy," he sure makes bad look sexy with his tortured love for Lady Marian. He wants to be good for her sake and is torn by his love. It's great!

10. Stargate. I can't believe Stargate has been on for 10 years and it's the end of the series! Ben and I still have to watch the five final shows to see how it ends. I loved the show when it started, but actually missed a couple of seasons in the middle after Daniel Jackson "ascended" and was gone. I was a bit bitter, and also got tired of Ben constantly watching it!! I've been back watching it for the last few years and still enjoy it!

11. Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. Yes, I also watch the "other" NBC show about a late night sketch show based on Saturday Night Live. I really like this show. I'm really enjoying the new episodes this summer. I can't believe this show was cancelled, it has some of the wittiest dialogue on TV and really presses some red button issues. It's series finale is this Thursday night. I'll be sad to see it go!

12. Ugly Betty. For some silly reason, all networks seem to plan the good shows during the same times on the same night every week. I can only DVR two at at time and I'm sorry Ugly Betty, but Survivor and Office/Earl win. I watched Ugly Betty during the hiatus' of my other shows and found I enjoyed it. I like how it is a comedy with drama. I like how Betty is a good person just trying to make it. I'm not sure about some of the crazy plot twists, but I'm willing to see how this show goes in the future. If only they would show more reruns in the summer so I can catch up!

13. Heroes. Ben and I are behind on our TV viewing of Heroes. We've only watched through last November - but we like what we've seen. We just need to find time to catch up this summer!

Those were my favorite shows. As you can see, I'm not really into hospital/doctor/lawyer/cops shows. I think they are all way overdone and am always looking for something more original like a good show about a young engineer trying to make it in the world . . . :-) What shows have I left out? Am I missing something that I should be taping on my DVR?

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  1. if you like doctor who now, wait until you watch season three. (i have been able to keep up with the show thru various sources.)

    also, the spinoff called torchwood is excellent. captain jack harkness is the lead in this one.