Tuesday, June 26, 2007

In Secret Service by Mitch Silver

In Secret Service had potential. I was at the library and read the back of the book and it described a thriller involving a secret Ian Fleming (author of James Bond novels) manuscript that linked together several English mysteries involving the abdication of King Edward VIII and the death of Princess Diana.

Then I read the book. It was rather mediocre. It wasn't so bad that I gave up on it, but it was VERY highly improbable. Amy Greenburg, a Yale professor, journeys to Dublin to pick up a the contents of a lock box that was in her Grandfather's name. She discovers Sir Ian Fleming had purchased the lock box and had left behind a first person account in manuscript form that described his dealings as a secret agent before, during, and after WWII. Amy races back to the states and is pursued by evil people trying to get their hands on the manuscript while she reads the manuscript to determine the mystery. Overall the big "mystery" was a big let-down and very improbable. Plus I was not sure why the evil people were so obsessed with containing the secret. Oh Well!

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