Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Lost Season Finale

Per your request, my review of the Lost Season Finale. Sorry I hadn't reviewed it yet - it was part of my best of 2006-07 TV list that I typed up and was NOT automatically saved (even though it says it is!) by blogger. It was lost and I haven't started over yet. I think I'll do a more brief list sometime in the near future.

Anyhoo - I loved the Lost Season Finale. The spring episodes made me forgive the Lost producers for the terrible fall episodes.

In the finale, the survivors are trying to find a way off of the island using Naoimi's satellite phone. Before they can use it, they must shut off Danielle's distress signal loop as well as the "looking glass" station that is blocking all off-island transmittals.

Charlie and Desmond took over The Looking Glass station and things were looking good. Charlie was able to turn off the blocking device and even made contact with Penelope who told him she DID NOT send Naoimi (who did!??), which he luckily was able to communicate with Desmond. Old one-eye evil man came back to life once again and flooded Charlie's compartment. He shut the door to save Desmond and embrace his "destiny" with the hope that with his death Claire and baby Aaron will be saved. NOOO! I loved Charlie and was so sad that he died. I still have hope he will come back to life as others have done. But I accept and admire Charlie's sacrifice, I thought it was a noble end for the character to change from a drugged out rock star to a caring and compassonate person!

Much happened on the beach too with Sahid, Bernard, and Jin left behind to blow up the Others that were coming to take the woman folk. The plan almost went good until one round of explosives didn't go. We later think our heroes are assasinated per Ben's direction, but luckily there were not. They are ultimately saved by Hurley and the happy VW bus. I LOVED that scene and was glad Hurley finally got to save the day!

Meanwhile Jack as Moses has lead the survivors up the mountain to turn off Danielle's signal. He meets up with Ben who BEGS him not to send his signal. He says the people on the boat are the bad guys and warns Jack not to do it. Locke appears and is alive (the island magically healed him again?!) and also tells Jack not to do it. Jack calls anyway and it appears that help is on the way from Naomi's boat.

We find out at the end that the flashbacks throughout the episode were "flash forwards" and not flashbacks. We learn from them that Jack and Kate have both made it off the island. Jack is leading a not so happy life as a drugged out drunk guy who flys around hoping to crash and get back to the island. He goes to a mysterious funeral of a man we aren't told the identity of. He was so popular though that Jack is the only person who went. Jack refers to his Dad as alive, was it because he was drugged up? Kate leaves Jack at the end as she has to return to "him."

The finale left me with many questions I can't wait to see the answers to in the next three years. I would elaborate here, but Kile just woke up from his nap crying. I just wish Lost started sooner than next spring. In spring 2008 I will be one happy person watching Lost and Battlestar with Ben!

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