Saturday, June 30, 2007


Ben and I watched Cars last night. We enjoyed it until we realized that this is the only type of movie we'll be able to watch for the next 15 years:-) Actually I always have enjoyed animated films, I've just fallen behind on them since graduating from college.

Cars tells the story of Lightning McQueen, a race car. He is traveling to California for a tie-breaker race to win the Piston Cup. Along the way, he accidentally is left behind by his tired semi-trailer, Mac. He ends up in Radiator Springs, Arizonia where he ruins the road during a high speed chase with a cop car. He is sentenced to fix the road much to his dismay. During his week in town, he becomes friends with the local townsfolk and also falls in love. He learns that winning isn't as important as being a good person and friend. He also helps the town to revive after it was bypassed by the interstate.

I really enjoyed it - but didn't have as many laugh out loud experiences with it that I've had with other animated films. Ben and I did like how "Click and Clack" make an appearance.

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