Saturday, June 30, 2007

Northern Lights by Nora Roberts

I received Northern Lights as a Birthday present from Jenn back in March. I've become quite obsessed with library books and keep forgetting I have quite a big stash of my own that I need to catch up on!

I enjoyed Northern Lights. It tells the story of cop Nate Burke and his move to Lunacy, Alaska. After the murder of his partner and a rocky divorce, Nate is looking for a new life in a rural area where he doesn't have to worry about murder. His spirits start to pick up after his move to Lunacy as the "Lunatics" are all very nice people, especially a bush pilot named Meg Galloway. Peace is shattered though when some young climbers find the body of Meg's lost father who has been missing for 18 years. Nate is on the case and finds that sometimes things aren't always as they appear.

I love the characters in Nora Robert's books. I wanted to live in Lunacy. I also really enjoyed the mystery that had me guessing up until the end. I also really liked the setting as I think Alaska is a cool and exciting place. Hopefully Ben and I will get to go there one day. I thought the romance in this one was a little weak. I could have used some more build-up, but then again, Meg isn't quite the shy kind of girl! :-)

Side note - I've really been enjoying the Nora Robert's movies on Lifetime. Ben, being the senstive man that he is, found one for me first last spring and taped it. I've watched Blue Smoke, Carolina Moon, and Sanctuary. I've been waiting for them to reshow the other movies this summer so I can watch them, but so far have been unlucky! I hope they show them soon!

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