Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Hairspray (2007)

Kile and I just watched Hairspray Monday night as Ben was out of town. Well, mostly I watched it, although Kile paused from playing once in awhile to watch the catchy tunes and dancing. I have never seen the original 80's movie or the Broadway musical, so this review is based on the 2007 movie only!

I really enjoyed this movie. It was fun, light hearted, and something you can watch with your kids. Tracy Turnblad dreams of being on the Corny Collins Show and rushes home each day to watch it with her friend Penny. One day, Corny announces that there is an opening on the show and Tracy tries out. She is turned down though for being overweight and for supporting intregration. She is sent to detention for being late to school and meets some new African American friends that teach her their way of dancing. She shows her new moves off to Corny and is able to earn a place on the show. Her popularity threatens Amber Von Tussle and her mother Velma (the station manager) in the race for Miss Teen Hairspray. Also Amber's boyfriend Link Larkin starts to notice Tracy (who is madly in love with him), much to Amber's dismay. Will the Corny Collins show become integrated? Will Tracy become Miss Teen Hairspray?

I liked the sense of humor of the show and really liked Nikki Blonsky's portrayel of Tracy. She was so light hearted, happy, and fun - it was a joy to watch her. I also liked the movies message of liking people no matter how they look - fat or think, black or white. I also really liked James Marsden as Corny Collins. What? He's hot!

I highly recommend as long as you like musicals. I liked the music and dancing a lot, but somehow don't think Ben would have enjoyed it!

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