Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Persuasion on Masterpiece Classic This Sunday!

The Jane Austen season starts on PBS this upcoming Sunday January 13th. If you are like me and have a DVR, beware if you have Masterpiece Theatre programmed in. Mine was not going to tape because it's now called just "Masterpiece" on the guide.

Persuasion vies with Pride and Prejudice as my favorite Jane Austen novel, I hope this TV version lives up to my expectations.

Entertainment Weekly had the following to say about it. . .

"Masterpiece Classic kicks off its four-month Jane Austen marathon with this adaptation of her final, most brooding work. Sally Hawkins (Vera Drake) is heartsick Anne Elliot, whose dad (Buffy's brillant Anthony Head) perusaded her to snub her penniless fiance. Eight years later, Pops has fiittered away their fortune and the beau is back - now a rich naval captain (MI-5's Rupert Penry-Jones). As passionate as it is mature, Persuasion is not Austen's usual romance peopled by befuddled lovers. This is a grown up love story. A-" Aubry D'Arminio

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