Thursday, January 3, 2008

New Indiana Jones Movie Article in Vanity Fair

I just read an interesting article about the upcoming Indiana Jones movie in Vanity Fair. It won't state whether Shia LeBeouf is playing Indy's son or not, but I highly suspect so with Karen Allen also returning as Marion Ravenwood - the best Indy love interest. I always thought it would be cooler if Indy had a fiesty daughter, but a fiesty son would work too. It did give a few spoilers that it will be set in the 1950's (knew that) with Russian cold war villians and a sci-fi object serving as the McGuffin. It's an interesting article - follow my link to it. I'm already silently weeping though that I will not get to see this movie in the theatre. The baby is due May 1st and Ben and I will not be able to go on any dates for quite awhile after that. Such is life!

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