Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Persuasion (2008)

Persuasion is the story of Anne Elliot. At 27 she is considered an old maid and on the shelf. She had a marriage proposal 8 years before that she rejected due to the persuasion of her friend Lady Elliot as Wentworth had no fortune. Captain Wentworth has returned and is now quite wealthy and looking for a wife. Anne struggles as she watches him flirting with other women and regrets how she was persuaded as a youth. Ironically Anne's family has been unwise with their money and is now renting out their house to Wentworth's sister. The Elliot's move to Bath to try to live in style on a smaller income. Will Anne and Wentworth be able to put aside the past and get together?

I enjoyed watching the new version of Persuasion on Masterpiece. It's always nice to see Jane Austen novels on TV. That being said, I thought this version was very rushed. It was only an hour and a half long and there was not enough time to fully develop the plot. I liked the plot development in the 1995 version, and especially liked watching Anne change and grow through the movie. There was no such development in this version. I especially disliked the rushed "revelation" about Mr. Elliot at the end and Anne sprinting through the streets of Bath. It seemed rather silly to me. I wish they would have taken the time to make this movie even half an hour longer to give it time for proper plot development.

What did you think about it?

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