Monday, March 24, 2008

The Fetch by Chris Humphreys

The Fetch by Chris Humphreys is my March book club selection for the Kewaunee Library. Good thing I finished it today since our meeting is this Thursday!

The Fetch is a young adult fantasy novel. If you are like me and like sci-fi and fantasy adventures, you will probably like this book. The story is an original tale of a young 15-year old boy named Sky who lives in England. After his grandmother's death, and old sea chest has shown up at his house. Secreted away in the chest, Sky finds old artifacts from his mysterious Norwegian grandfather. With the guidance of his grandfather's spirit and help from his cousin Kristin who is visiting during a break from school, Sky learns how to use his "fetch." His fetch is a part of his soul that is able to travel through time and inhabit different ancestors. As one with his ancestor Bjorn, he goes on a Viking adventure. Things are not all rosey as Sky discovers the killer inside while being a Viking and also learns that his grandfather may have not been all that he seemed.

I enjoyed this book. It was a good adventure novel with peril and great twists and turns. I also learned things about the Vikings that I didn't know before. Although some of it I may have predicted early, but since this is a young adult novel - it's not too surprising. I'm looking forward to reading the follow-up book Vendetta. It's on my "to read" list!

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