Monday, March 31, 2008

Night Road by A.M. Jenkins

I signed up at to review young adult novels. You get randomly picked to review novels you show an interest in. They send you a free copy and you just have to submit an online review. Pretty cool!

Unfortunately, my first book to review was not that fantastic. Night Road is a teen novel about vampires. For a young adult novel, I found the sexuality of the novel a bit off-putting. But then again, I was reading a lot more detailed romances at age 14 so what can I say! I'll admit that I only made it about 120 pages into the book and then I quit because it was SO BORING!!! Although it is supposed to be a road trip novel, no trip had taken place yet. A vampire named Cole had been summoned to New York to take a new vampire on the road to teach him how to be a vampire. For the first part that I read, it was just introducing characters and terms for people that aren't vampires, but live with vampires as sort of sex slaves/people to feed off of. It took WAY too long for an introduction. Hopefully it gets edited further before it is released!

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