Thursday, March 27, 2008

Remember Me? by Sophie Kinsella

I actually finished this a few days ago. It was a very quick read. Although it wasn't my favorite Kinsella novel, it kept me riveted and wanting to finish it fast to find out how it would all end! Sophie Kinsella is also the author of the Shopaholic books. She is one of the best writers in the chic lic genre - her heroines are loveable flawed characters that always have hilarious adventures. I highly recommend her novels if you have not read them before.

Remember Me? just came out a few weeks ago. The concept is rather unoriginal, but Kinsella does a great job with it. As with Samantha Who? and Thirteen Going on 30, it's the story of a woman, Lexi Smart, with amnesia that awakens to discover three years of her life missing. While she now appears to be rich and beautiful, it also turns out that she has lost most of her good friends and is generally considered to be a witch. Lexi also finds out she is now married to a rich and handsome man. While at first Lexi thinks she has awakened into a Cinderella existance, she discovers her new life is not so perfect, especially with the loss of her friends. Will Lexi be able to win her friends back and become the person she used to be? The book has a great ending.

At first I was annoyed thinking, how could one person change this much in three years. But by the end, there was a good explanation and I was convinced. Overall, I really liked the story and thought it was a good book. I recommend it to anyone looking for a quick and fun read!

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