Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Jane Austen Book Club

First of all, I have read the book, The Jane Austen Book Club, but it was so long ago I can not say if it was accurately portrayed in the movie. I thought the Jane Austen Book Club movie was a good movie in it's own right.

The Jane Austen Book Club focuses on a group of six individuals in California that have started a . . . Jane Austen Book Club to read all six of Jane Austen's novels. While some members are old friends, some are new. Each member has a problem with love and/or life that is nicely tied up by the movies end. The Wikipedia article on this movie has the director's take on how each movie character relates to an Austen character. I don't really agree with all of them - but it's interesting to read. My favorite part of the movie (and book) is Jocelyn and Grigg. While at times Jocelyn seems like Emma, they also at times mirror Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy. I love how Grigg loves science fiction and finally gets Jocelyn to read it!

It was a good movie, but I would recommend having some knowledge of Austen before you view it. Otherwise you will be lost during book club discussions on why some members feel the way they do about characters and take it personally.

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