Thursday, January 6, 2011

Plum Lucky by Janet Evanovich (audiobook)

Plum Lucky is the third of the “between-the-novel” books in the Stephanie Plum series. These novels are holiday themed and as you can guess from the title, Plum Lucky chronicles Stephanie Plum’s adventures on one memorable St. Patrick’s Day.

Grandma Mazur has found a bag of money at the end of a rainbow on St. Patrick’s Day. A little man with green pants claims it is his and tries to take it back, but Grandma will have none of it. Stephanie and Lula spot her fighting the man off and help her out. Grandma buys an RV and takes the money to Atlantic City. Stephanie and Lula have to find Grandma and are helped by the sexy Diesel. It turns out that the man in the green pants have stolen the money from an old foe, and Stephanie has to help get the money back in order to save the life of a horse . . . and Grandma.

Plum Lucky was another funny entry into the Stephanie Plum series. I still don’t like the “between-the-novel” books as much as the regular novels. I still think it’s because mystery man Diesel is not as good of a man of mystery as Ranger. Stephanie already has enough trouble picking between Ranger and Joe, she doesn’t really need a third man in her life!

I really enjoyed listening to the audiobook. As I stated in my review of Plum Lovin’, Lorelei King makes this book and all of the Stephanie Plum books a joy to listen too. She has a unique voice for each character, and it makes the book highly entertaining. I love reading the Stephanie Plum books, but King makes them fun to listen to. I actually am starting to prefer them on audiobook versus hard copy for this reason.

This if my final selection for the Stephanie Plum Reading Challenge. I am now officially caught up on the series!

Audiobook Source: The Kewaunee Public Library

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  1. Congratulations on being caught up!

    I also don't like the in-betweens as much as the numbered Plums, probably because Diesel just confuses me. He's no Ranger, of course, but he doesn't even seem to be as attractive overall as Morelli. The magical aspects in these books is odd as well- the universe of these books is strange enough without them!

    I agree completely about King's narration, and I'll keep listening to these books while waiting for the next "real" Plum book to come along :-).