Monday, August 10, 2020

The Girl with the Louding Voice by Abi Dare

What is the last book that you read that transported you to another part of the world?  Or a book that you can’t stop reading and also find yourself learning from?

The Girl with the Louding Voice is the August selection for the Rogue (AKA Flicks Book & Movie Club).  We finally had a socially distant outdoor meeting in July after not meeting since February.  We are trying to get back into our book club again with outdoor meetings as long as our good weather lasts.  This will be a great book to discuss!

Adunni is a fourteen-year-old Nigerian girl with big dreams.  She wants to continue in school and become a teacher.  Although her father promised her dying mother that he would ensure that Adunni is able to continue in school, he finds it more attractive to sell Adunni as a third bride to an old man.  After a tragedy, Adunni finds herself the servant of a wealthy, mean spirted woman with a drunken husband. Will Adunni be able to find her louding voice and her true path in life?

I loved how after Adunni found the Book of Nigerian Facts in her employers’ library, each chapter than started with an interesting fact about Nigeria.  I realized I am woefully ignorant about Nigeria and I found it fascinating to learn about this country. 

I was disturbed that even though it is illegal in Nigeria, polygamy and the marrying of child brides still happens.  Adunni was also sold to the wealthy woman in the large city of Lagos and was never paid for her hard work.  I found it very disturbing that this still happens in this day and age.  I loved Adduni’s spirit and how she was able to figure out and work towards a better life and dreams. 

The book is written with broken English to match how Adunni speaks.  I read this book quickly as I was very much taken by the story.

Favorite Quote:
“Adunni, you must do good for other peoples, even if you are not well, even if the whole world around you is not well.”

Overall, The Girl with the Louding Voice is an unforgettable coming of age story that explores keeping your spirit and dreams alive through difficult times.

Book Source:  Checked out from the Kewaunee Public Library.  Thank-you!


  1. I so want to read this one! It sounds like such a great read. :)

  2. Laura, this book sounds intriguing and inspirational to me. I enjoyed your review, as usual!

  3. This is a great read - I know it will be on my favorites list for this year. Adunni is a great heroine.