Thursday, December 24, 2020

A Princess for Christmas by Jenny Holiday

 Princess Marie of Eldovia is in New York to speak before the United Nations and to try to repair relations for important trade deals for her small European country.  Running late to an important party, she yields a cab.  Leo Ricci is actually done with work, but when his sister Gabby sees a princess in a fancy gown, she knows they need to help her.  Marie asks Leo to be her driver for the rest of her New York tour and then invites the two back to Eldovia to celebrate Christmas.  Will Leo and Marie find love for Christmas?

 I thoroughly enjoyed this novel.  I loved the witty banter between Leo and Marie.  I also loved that they were two lonely people who had lost loved ones and were looking for a way forward.  They were both nice people that truly cared for others.  They at times had a Han Solo / Princess Leia type relationship with Leo calling Marie the wrong titles just to be funny.  I also loved that the book was self-aware with Leo saying at one point that Marie was the princess of a fake Hallmark movie type country.  That made me laugh out loud!  The book did get steamy towards the end, so it veers out of Hallmark territory.  I was excited to see that there will be a follow-up called Duke, Actually that will be out next Christmas.  I am looking forward to it!

 I would be remis to not mention that Marie is a mechanical engineer and Leo is an architectural student.  Marie even talks about how she took a history of civil engineering course at college.  Long time readers of this blog will know that I am always looking for mentions of engineering in novels.  I found it and I loved it!!  I would love to see more heroines that are also engineers.

 I love the cover of this book.  It not only matches one of Marie’s outfits in the book, but it has a classic 1950s feel to it.

 Overall, A Princess for Christmas was delightful and fun holiday romance.  I enjoyed it and am looking forward to the next book in the series!

 Book Source:  Review Copy from William Morrow.  Thank-you!

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