Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Christmas Ever After by Karen Schaler

Author Riley Reynolds stopped enjoying Christmas as a girl after her father died around the holiday. Since then she travels with her mother to Hawaii to celebrate Christmas in the sun.  After her last book bombed, Riley’s publicist has announced she is “Miss Christmas” and will be holding a Christmas Camp with selected fans to talk about what Christmas traditions and plots should be in her next book, which will be a Christmas romance.  The problem is that Riley doesn’t have any Christmas traditions to share.  What will she do to get out of this mess? 

 To make matters even more complicated, Riley has a disastrous television interview where she mentions a great love in her life.  Her three ex boyfriends are sure they are the one and decide to join the Christmas Camp.   Will Riley find love this Christmas?

 I love Karen Schaler’s Christmas books and Christmas Ever After was a delightful addition to her repertoire.  Schaler also wrote the Netflix movie, A Christmas Prince, which is a holiday favorite in my house.  I liked how this book had a nod to her previous book, Christmas Camp, which I also enjoyed.

 I loved Riley’s story as she discovers what she wants in life while also rediscovering her Christmas spirit.   The romance in the novel was also perfect. It was a delightful escape novel.  If you are a fan of Hallmark Christmas movies, this would be the perfect book for you. I would love to see this as a movie.

 Favorite Quote:

“This weekend I’ve been reminded of how special Christmas really is and that what matters most are family, friends, faith, your community, spending time with the people you love, honoring old traditions, and creating new ones.”

 Overall, Christmas Ever After by Karen Schaler is a delightful Christmas novel that rediscovers the spirit of Christmas.


Book Source:  E-copy for review from NetGalley.  Thank-you!