Sunday, October 17, 2021

A Wish for Father Christmas by Laura Rollins

Lady Alice Nightingale’s young son has asked for a new father for Christmas.  Lady Nightingale has promised him that it will be so, but how can she fulfill this promise?  She had a loveless first marriage that her controlling father arranged.  How can she ensure that her next marriage will be for love?  She comes up with a plan to disguise herself as a man and go out as her cousin, Mr. Allen to see what men really talk about when women aren’t around.  Who is trying to marry for money?  Who is a rake and who likes to gamble?  Will she be able to pull this off and find true love?

 Lord Ezra Brooks find himself instantly attracted to Lady Nightingale, until he finds that her father is the man who impoverished him.  He needs to marry for money in order to stay afloat.  He finds himself enjoying the company of Mr. Allen, but how can he get Lady Nightingale out of his mind?

 I greatly enjoyed this regency romance and read it quickly.  I enjoy the enemies to lovers trope as well as the boy disguise trope.  Although I think it would be really hard to pull off, I like the idea of being able to pierce the male world to find out their true thoughts before you settled down.  Especially in the regency era where often you didn’t really get to know your spouse at all before marriage.  I also loved Lady Alice’s sweet interactions with her son and her servants.  I liked that she was a strong and good woman herself that wanted to achieve happiness in her life for both herself and her son.

 A Wish for Father Christmas is a clean read, which is my favorite type of romance.

 Overall, A Wish for Father Christmas is a great, engaging Christmas regency romance novel.

 Book Source:  Review Copy from author Laura Rollins as part of an Instagram Tour.

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