Monday, March 3, 2008

Hot Fuzz

Ben and I watched Hot Fuzz this past weekend. Hot Fuzz is a British comedy from the same people who put together Shaun of the Dead. As with Shaun of the Dead, Ben seemed to enjoy the movie much more than I did. I'm not sure if it's a guy thing or if Ben just gets the British humor better than I do!

Hot Fuzz is a parady of buddy cop movies. Nicholas Angel is a cop that is just too good at his job in London so he is promoted to a Sargent and transferred to the sleepy English village of Sanford. Sanford appears to be a sleep village with no crime, but when "accidents" start to appear at a greater frequency, Sgt. Angel starts to suspect that there is more to the village than meets the eye. He is partnered with the police chief's son Danny much to his dismay as Danny is not a very good cop. Together with Danny he investigates the "accidents" and learns that there is a horror in the village that only a giant gun battle can contain.

The movie took a rather strange twist in the middle and made it become a much different kind of movie. I was entertained, but didn't think of it as a fantastic film. I read a lot of good reviews of it so maybe my expectations were too high - or maybe I don't find British humor that funny. I'm not sure!

There are some rather gruesome deaths in the movie so it's not appropriate for young ones. Kile was innocently playing would always happen to look at the screen during those moments. If he is tramatised later in life, I know why.

Has anyone else seen this movie? Did you love it/hate it? I'd be interested in your opinion of it.

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