Sunday, March 1, 2009

Quick Thoughts About Lost and Battlestar

I have been enjoying watching my two favorite shows, but have not had much time to blog about them. Here are my quick thoughts after watching this week's episodes.

Lost - Wow. It was great getting to see what happened to John after he left the Island. I guess we know now that Ben really is a bad guy!! I'm still wondering why Ben was all bloody and late for the plane. I am afraid that the promise Ben had made to an old friend is that he went after Penny. I hope Desmond beat the crap out of him and that my favorite couple and child are okay. And I really hope that the show shows me what happened soon! Next week it looks like we get to see everyone reunited on the island. Is anyone else getting tired of the Kate-Jack-Sawyer triangle? I just want Kate to be offed so I don't have to watch it anymore! :-)

Battlestar - It looks like my prediction (that I didn't blog about, but did comment on about) of Starbuck's Dad being the mysterious Daniel or lost #7 cylon is probably true. Starbuck being the first hybrid would solve some myseries, but certainly not all. Poor Chief was screwed over again by Boomer. The Chief is one of my favorite characters, but he certainly never has an easy path. Only three episodes left . .. I don't want my favorite show to end!!

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  1. I am tierd of the love triangle, but i like kate. But i really want to find out what happend to aaron and clair.