Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Battlestar Galactica . . . almost the end.

Some quick thoughts on last Friday's episode of Battlestar Galactica. I thought it was an interesting episode . . . but I must admit that I am starting to get worried that all of my questions are not going to be answered. I'm trying to have faith in Ron Moore and crew as I have enjoyed the ride so far. That being said, there is a lot of questions they still need to answer in the last two hours. Such as. . . why does Baltar have a Six in his head? And why is he in her head? What is up with the opera house scene? Why has this all happened before and will happen again? Where will our rag-tag fleet end up? What is Starbuck? I could go on!

I wasn't sure how I felt about the flashbacks on this past episode. On one hand, I liked the look at how carefree and happy our main characters used to be juxtaposed with the people they have become. Even the drunken Lee chasing pigeons while at first seemed like nonsense, but then seemed more like look how far Lee has come . . .from a drunken fly boy estranged from his father to a responsible leader who is close to his father. I guess I liked learning more about our favorite characters, but I could have seen this awhile ago . . . I wanted more action, more answers!!! The flashbacks also seemed like I needed more information, I hope the last episode finishes them out perfectly.

I did like how Galactica is going on one more mission . . . to rescue Hera. I couldn't believe the old man would let Hera go and wouldn't let Helo try to rescue her in the past episode. I liked the line on the deck, but I kept feeling like Baltar was going to cross that line and finally make his selfless act. Speaking of Baltar, I enjoyed his flashbacks and learning about his old man and his initial set-up with Six. Anyone else think that Six might have helped Baltar's father find the "farm" by killing him? "The Last time I saw him, he was smiling" sounded awfully fishy to me.

I am still confused about Starbuck. I was convinced she was a hybrid and Daniel was her father. Now she is an "angel" that has crossed over. What is she? How did her viper crash killing her, yet she was in a different viper and came back to Galactica? I want to know!

My wild and crazy predictions:

1. Baltar will find a way to stay on Galactica and he and Six will rescue Hera as in the Opera House scene.

2. The blackhole they are traveling too will send Galactica and crew back to earth thousands of years before. They will populate the planet and will procreate with the cyclons creating the race that will eventually kill itself. "It has happened before and will happen again."

3. I don't know how the heck to explain Starbuck. I still think she is a hybrid.

4. Baltar and Six have someone mind printed with each other and will have hybrid babies together on earth.

What are your thoughts? The series finale of Battlestar on Friday will be a fantastic, yet bittersweet birthday present.

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