Sunday, March 8, 2009

Ride the Thunder by Janet Dailey

Ride the Thunder is an early 1980's romance novel that I borrowed from my friend Jenn almost a year ago. I really felt like reading a romance and thought it was about time I gave poor Jenn back her book!

Ride the Thunder is the story of Brig, a hardened ex-mercenary Idaho rancher and Jordanna, a beautiful huntress/heiress. The two meet up and have an explosive attraction to each other. Jordanna and her father Fletcher go on a hunting trip in Idaho with Brig leading them on his ranch to the illusive prey. The trip does not go as planned, with misunderstandings, action, and a death.

Overall I thought the book was very dated with Brig being a word I should not type on this blog. He was VERY sexist and aggrevating. Jordanna was an interesting strong woman though. I really liked how she liked to hunt. I had the overall plot line figured out from the beginning . . . yet something about the book kept me enthralled and reading. Even though I know what would happen, I wanted the mechanics of it and wanted to know whether the two main characters would get together at the end.

It was a good, but not great romance novel.

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