Thursday, March 12, 2009

Musings on Lost

I was very unhappy to learn last night that Lost was a repeat. I thought that was why Lost started after the New Year so we could have non-stop Lost without any repeats. Oh well.

I really enjoyed last week's episode - Lafleur. I loved the focus on Sawyer and am using that excuse to put a shirtless picture of him on my blog! Our time traveling islanders have finally settled into one time period thanks to John Locke. That time period is 1974 with the Dharma initiative. This episode flashed back and forth between 1974 when they first hooked up with Dharma and 1977. . . three years later.

Sawyer really seems to have found his groove with Dharma. He has a responsible job as the head of security and has found love with Juliet. I was always a big fan of Sawyer/Kate, but the Sawyer/Juliet pairing is inspired. They both bring out the best in each other and it seemed that Sawyer had finally forgotten Kate . . . until he spots her on the beach at the end. NOOO! I am sucked back into caring about the love triangle/quadrangle again!

A few questions I had after this episode . . .
1. Where are Bernard and Rose? I ask this to Ben each week . . .I really want to know! Are they with the "others."

2. Where is young Ben? He should have been with the Dharma group. I hope he is shown soon.

3. Are Locke & Crew in 1977 or present day? And are all of the "Oceanic 6" besides Aaron in 1977. (Where is Aaron?)

4. How are the heroes going to get out of 1977 and what about the purge?

My questions could go on forever, but that's what I have for now. What did you think about last week's episode? Post away!


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  2. I don't watch Lost myself, but I thought I would comment about your frustrations because boy was I frustrated last night! I made it home just in time to watch ER--which is in the final season you know--only to find the Minnesota boys hockey tournament on my tv! I am just devastated by this, as I know it was a new episode last night. I know I can watch it on-line, which I probably will do, but it's not the same! Ok, I got that out of my system. My apologies for babbling!

  3. I had forgotten about the no lost episode this week also, but i can't wait for the new one!
    I want to know were clair is, and i heard a thing that someone that everyone loves is going to be killed off.

  4. Jo-Jo, I feel your pain. I love Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin, but every year they have some Green Bay Packer talkfest on instead. I don't watch ER, but I do know that George Clooney was on this week - so that would be especially distressing!

    Bostan - Good point about Claire. I have been wondering why she disappeared too. I hope she isn't killed off! I still want her and Baby Aaron to be reunited. But I guess I don't want anyone we love to get killed!