Monday, March 23, 2009


Ben and I watched Fireproof this past weekend and really enjoyed this movie. It was nice to finally see a movie about what marriage is really about, and good to see a quality Christian movie.

Caleb (Kirk Cameron) and Catherine have reached a point in their marriage where they can't seem to make things work anymore. Both have their own agendas and needs and do not work together on them. Caleb would rather be surfing for porn and saving for his dream boat instead of helping out around the house. Catherine pretty much blows up at Caleb over anything. It is not a pretty picture. After Catherine tells Caleb that she wants out of the marriage, Caleb's father challenges him to follow the "love dare" and try to save his marriage over a 40 day period. Caleb finds faith and realization of what true love means.

While the acting and dialogue were cringe inducing at times, the overall story was fantastic. The fight scenes at the beginning were brutal (not physically, but verbally), but much progress was made through the movie. Ben and I both really liked the firefighting action scenes. They were stellar and nail-bitting.
Overall is was a great movie about marriage and what it means to be married for better or for worse. It made Ben and I appreciate what we have in our marriage. I would highly recommend this movie to all married couples!

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