Sunday, March 1, 2009

Your Favorite Current TV Couple . . .

It turns out that my favorite TV couples are not anyone elses' - LOL! "Other" was the winner of the poll. What other current TV show couple do people enjoy watching? I want to know! Please comment! "Jo-Jo" said on one comment that she enjoys Robert & Kitty from Brothers & Sisters. I don't watch that show, but my Dad enjoys it. Is this the favorite couple I was missing.

Otherwise Desmond & Penny (Lost) felt the love at number two, with Pam and Jim (The Office) coming in at number three. I feel very concerned for my favorite couple Desmond and Penny as I will blog separately about soon.

1. Other (41%)

2. Desmond and Penny (Lost) (33%)

3. Jim and Pam (The Office) (25%)

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  1. Oh man...And last night's episode of Brothers and Sisters was a rough one for Robert and Kitty! lol