Monday, August 20, 2007

Becoming Jane

I went to a movie last night - in the theatre! I was very excited as this does not happen much now with Kile around. Dawn and I had a girls' night out and went to see Becoming Jane. Dawn and I have always enjoyed watching Jane Austen movies and other period flicks together.

I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. This movie may also have made a sad lonely tear trickle down my check at the end. I already knew Jane Austen remained a life long spinster, but I couldn't help wishing that history could change!

Becoming Jane is an imagined account of the life and love of a young Jane Austen. I have heard much online snark about how the picture is not accurate. News flash - any Jane Austen movie will not be accurate as only the bare bones are known about Jane Austen's life. She did have a short engagement that was broken in a few days with a rich man. She did have a flirtation with Tom Lefroy. Her sister Cassandra's fiance did die, and Henry and Eliza did have a romance. The movie may have added detail and changed the timing of the events, but if it makes an enjoyable film about a beloved author that we don't know much about, I don't see what the problem is!

I enjoyed the scenary and I thought Anne Hathaway did a supurb job as Jane. I thought her and James McAvoy as Tom Lefroy had great chemistry! My only personal snark was the way they tried to sex it up at times (such as with Mr. and Mrs. Austen - yuck!) and all of the times Jane was conviently alone, which I wouldn't have expected in the regency era.

If you enjoy period pictures or Jane Austen movies, I think you will enjoy this movie. I know I did!!

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  1. Can I join in next time? Jane Austen-esque movies are the only ones I can't get Phil to watch with me... =)