Monday, August 20, 2007

The Fountain

Time travel. Hugh Jackman. Rachel Wiez. I thought these three ingredients would lead to a great movie, but I was wrong.

The Fountain told the story of a present day man, who is driven to succeed in his research to cure his wife's cancer. His wife is writing a novel that tells the tail of a conquestidor in South America searching for the "Tree of Life" from Genesis. There is also another strange setting with Hugh Jackman with the tree seeing visions of himself from the past. Ben and I were not sure what this was through the entire movie, but looking on Amazon, I see that it was supposed to represent a 26th century time travelor trying to ascend to the afterlife. I thought it was Hugh Jackman trying to ascend to the afterlife, and maybe the tree was the seed that he had planted on his wife's grave, but how was I suppose to know he was a space travelor in the 26th century????

I liked the acting by Hugh Jackman and Rachel Weiz. I loved the stunning visual sequences and the music. I liked the different story lines set in the present and past. I did not like how these different segments were not linked in a coehesive way, especially the bald Hugh Jackman in a bubble trying to ascend. These "future" sequences did not make sense to me at all. At the end, I found myself very confused and annoyed. I do not recommend this movie as it was not that good.

If you watched this movie and understood it and found it to be good, post a comment and enlighten me!!

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