Sunday, August 5, 2007

Music & Lyrics

Jenn also recommended that I watch Music & Lyrics. We finally got it from the library this weekend. Both Ben and I enjoyed watching it.

Music & Lyrics is a funny, romantic comedy that tells the story of Alex Fletcher (Hugh Grant) a former has been from a 1980's group called Pop! that seems to be modeled after real 80's group Wham! I loved the faux 1980's music video of Pop! It was hilarious and brought back fond memories of 1980's music and videos. Alex has accepted his lot as a has-been and been playing and doing his patented hip roll as amusment parks and high school reunions. He discovers that pop sensation Cora (a great take on Britney Spears, Christina, etc.) loved his music as a child and wants him to write a new song for her. He only has a few days to do it and is competing against other writters. Alex can only write the music, but is terrible at lyrics. Sophie (Drew Barrymore) has taken over the job of watering his plants in his apartment and Alex discovers that she is actually pretty good at coming up with lyrics. They work together to craft a new song, have a misunderstanding, and perhaps find love along the way.

I really liked Kristen Johnston as Sophie's older sister Rhonda who was (an may still be) obsessed with Pop! and Alex Fletcher in the 1980's. She made me laugh in about every scene she was in.

I thought Hugh Grant seemed a bit old for Drew Barrymore in the movie. But it being Hollywood, there have been much greater age differences.

Overall, it was a fun movie that I enjoyed watching. I recommend it for anyone looking for a light romantic comedy to enjoy.

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