Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Heir by Grace Burrowes

If you are looking for a way to warm up your cold winter nights, The Heir is the perfect romance novel for you! The Heir is a very original romance that provides plenty of mystery, excitement, and steamy love scenes.

Gayle Windham is the Earl of Westhaven and is the heir to his father, the Duke of Morland. The Duke schemes and tries to force Westhaven into marriage in order to provide an heir to the dukedom. Westhaven is not amused, but finds solace in the fact that his brothers also are not amused and agree to spend the summer with him in his townhouse.

While at his townhouse, Westhaven starts to notice the homey touches provided by his housekeeper “Mrs.” Anna Seaton. In fact, underneath her drab garb and cap, Anna is a rather attractive woman in her twenties. The more Westhaven learns about Anna, the more intrigued he becomes. Anna is mysterious and seems to be much more than a housekeeper. Who is Anna and what is she trying to hide from?

I thought The Heir was one of the best romance novels that I’ve read in a long time. I loved that Anna is not the typical heroine. Having her be the housekeeper was unique and intriguing at the same time. I loved reading the novel and trying to figure out her mysterious past. It kept me riveted!! The scenes of romance were also very hot!

I must admit though that I was confused on a couple aspects of the novel. Westhaven had a niece named Rose that appeared to be the daughter of his ex-fiancée. I was confused on how that worked and never quite figured it out. I also liked the character of the old Duke and wish we could have learned more about him. The ending of The Heir seemed to drag out a bit. I actually started to get a bit annoyed with Anna after loving her for the entire novel.

Grace Burrowes will be interviewed on this blog in two weeks on Monday December 27th. I’m hoping to get the answers to a couple of my questions!

Book Source: Advance Review copy from Sourcebooks. Thank-you!


  1. When I was reading The Heir, I figured that there must have been a previous book that told the story of Rose and her family. I'd forgotten that this was the author's debut book!

    I also had some problems with the end of the book, more that too many convenient and slightly implausible things stacked up. I sympathized with Anna, though :-).

    I skipped your review until I wrote mine-- I'm glad your interview with Grace Burrowes reminded me to go back for it.