Monday, December 20, 2010

Review and GIVEAWAY – The Polski Affair by Leon H. Gildin

There are some novels that stick with you long after you read them. I’m sure The Polski Affair will be one such novel for me.

The Polski Affair is a riveting historical fiction novel about a true life little know World War II incident at the Hotel Polski in Warsaw, Poland. After the destruction of the Ghetto in Warsaw and the Jews that lived in it, the survivors hidden in and around Warsaw started to hear strange tales about the Hotel Polski. It was rumored that if you had enough money, the Nazis would exchange you for Nazi prisoners of war in other countries.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and many Jewish people went to the Hotel Polski for a chance at escape. What they discovered was that there were no clear cut answers. People were leaving the hotel on 1st class trains, but where were they going? Were they escaping or being sent to concentration camps?

The story centers on Rosa Feurmann or Anna Adler and her husband Chaim Adler, as well as their best friends Avram and Feygl. These four live in Israel and have become family with the marriage of their children. After learning of a reunion of the Hotel Polski survivors, the past comes rushing back to Rosa and what she had to do to survive her stay at the Hotel.

I love how The Polski Affair told an exciting story, which had various shades of gray. It would be easy to always paint the Nazis as evil and Jewish people as good, but Gildin has interesting takes on both a Nazi Commandant and on Rosa herself which definitely cast them in the “gray” area.

The story itself was fascinating, but the characters were the real stars of the show. Gildin was able to draw fascinating characters. I liked how the two couples were friends and family. It was great that the novel extended well past WWII to resettlement in Israel. This is the part of the story that is missing so often in WWII novels.

Author Leon H. Gildin is a lawyer and he has a riveting courtroom scene in the novel when Rosa is a witness at the Commandant’s War Crimes Trail in Heidelberg. I couldn’t put it down!

Gildin had a wonderful guest post on Laura’s Reviews a couple of weeks ago. Please check it out and look for a special offer from Leon Gildin!

Overall, The Polski Affair is a great historical fiction novel about a riveting little known piece of history with great characters.

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  1. I agree with you about how books about WW2 tend to end with the war. For many surviving the war was the easiest part - surviving the memories becomes difficult if not impossible.
    Please enter me in the giveaway.

  2. Well I really find all stories that deal with WWII fascinating so I would love a chance to win this!
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  3. This is the third or fourth review I've read of this novel, and each one makes me more and more eager to read it. I'm intrigued by the idea of both a Nazi, and a Jewish person are protrayed in a 'gray' area instead of black/bad and white/good. Thanks for the giveaway.

  4. Love books about WWII...would love to win.

    littleone AT shaw DOT ca

  5. I would love to enter for this book. I have only read a couple of WWII books and they have all left me with a feeling that lasts for a long time. I am intrigued by the "grey area" concept.

    thanks for the giveaway


  6. This book fascinates me since my family is Polish and during World War II, German officers lived in my family's farmhouse. Although the family returned after the war was over they never lived in that house again.

  7. Yes, I forgot my address. Sorry.

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  8. I love WWII novels, and this one sounds fascinating!
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  9. Great review, Laura, now I want to read this! I wonder where this train is taking the people from the hotel, as well as about the story and characters in general.

    I'll post this giveaway in my blog's sidebar:

    Thanks for hosting this!


  10. Given this is historical fiction-it interests me-I like that it is set during WW11-a little known piece of history-thank you for introducing me to this book

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  11. I am an avid reader of WWII historical fiction. I haven't heard of this particular incident and am fascinated to learn more. I would love to win your drawing, but even if I don't, I will hunt down this book and read it. Thank you for bringing it to my attention.

  12. This book is a "riveting historical fiction novel". This line makes me interested in reading it.

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  13. I find lots of WWII fiction to be fascinating. I am not eligible to go into the draw, but thank you for posting about it. I will look out for it now myself.

  14. This sounds like a really interesting read. The War Crimes Trials and resettlement in Isreal tracks characters beyond the typical WW2 story lines
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  15. I love historical fiction - I love to learn more about history and this book sounds intriguing.
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  16. Wow sounds super interesting as you wrote what happened after the fact tends to be left out of stories and any book that is so character driven I tend to love.

  17. This novel is enthralling and unique. I read the author's blog and am captivated by his life, this story and am fascinated with this era. I read many books about the Holocaust and World War 11. This novel sounds memorable and unforgettable. saubleb(at)gmail(dot)com

  18. Thanks for featuring this interesting novel which I would enjoy greatly. Anything concerning this period of time and the trials and tribulations of the Jewish people and their lives resounds with me. rojosho(at)hotmail(dot)com

  19. I enjoy reading about WWII. It was an interesting time in history. Plus, I grew up hearing my grandparents and parents talk about it making my interest grow.

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  20. Why I would like to read this book is because I am of the Ukranian and Polish ancestory and I really enjoy books of this era.

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  21. I blogged about your contest here for another entry.

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  22. I do not believe I have read many historicals from the WW11 era. This really sounds very good.I would love to read this.